Stripes and Prints from Hentsch Man for Summer

April 16, 2015
Hentsch Man 2015

London-based menswear brand Hentsch Man's summer collection is slowly trickling out to retailers. Today I'll be giving you a closer look at some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

Hentsch Man was founded in 2008 by Alexia Hentsch and Max von Hurter, initially focusing on creating the perfect men's shirt. The line has evolved since then to a complete line including footwear and accessories. The brand has been praised for offering a clean, simple design aesthetic while not being afraid to use bold colours in their collections. For me, what I find admirable about the brand is their use of European factories to produce their garments. The latest collection features a range of bold prints and stripes to create a strong look inspired by the sea-front.

I've picked out a couple of pieces from the latest collection, that I think would work well for most people. Let me know in the comments which piece is your favourite.

Hentsch Man Print T-Shirt

Hentsch Man Printed Cotton T Shirt

This print t-shirt is on trend with it's centred square wave print. This is a trend you'll see from lots of other brands this season, including APC and Norse Projects. Good if you want to make a statement without making your outfit too loud. £50 from Mr Porter.

Hentsch Man Green Striped Shirt

Hentsch Man Green Striped Shirt

I picked this up at the recent Hentsch Man sample sale and I absolutely love it. The mint stripes offer a very sunny colour palette and is a classic Hentsch Man piece. £125 from Mr Porter.

Hentsch Man Striped T-Shirt

Hentsch Man Striped Cotton T Shirt

You can't have too many striped t-shirts, and this marine-inspired one works great with any outfit. £50 from Mr Porter.

Hentsch Man Striped Swimming Shorts

Hentsch Man Striped Swimming Shorts

These simple and clean wide striped swimming shorts are great for summer even if you're not planning on taking a swim. £90 from Hentsch Man.

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