IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture

April 19, 2015
ikea wireless charging

IKEA have launched a new line of furniture with wireless charging capabilities. The new range is compatible with most new smart phones and IKEA have worked with Samsung to offer a range of cases in-store. Cases for Apple iPhones have also been released.

ikea wireless charging lamp

IKEA Bring Wireless Charging to the Masses

The new range consists of a number of furniture pieces where a wireless charging pad can be added. This makes searching for your charger and having to move it around the house a thing of the past. IKEA predict consumers will be able to declutter their collection of wires by having wireless charging options available throughout the home.

IKEA have experimented with technology products in the past few years, including launching their own line of TVs. Meanwhile, as with all new technology there is a format war going on. The dominant player in the wireless charging field is the WPC, who own the Qi wireless charging standard adopted by IKEA. Another wireless charging standard, PMA, has emerged after the launch of Qi. Which standard ends up being the victor will largely be decided by hardware manufacturers.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 supports both standards, while the Apple iPhone does not have native wireless charging capabilities as of yet. IKEA do sell a range of phone cases that will enable you to wirelessly charge your iPhone and older smart phone models.

What do you think of the new IKEA range and will you be wirelessly charging your devices any time soon?

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