Listen to Tove Styrke’s New Single ‘Borderline’

November 27, 2014

Tove Styrke released her long-awaited Borderline EP this week. You can watch the video for the first single above, shot in Svalbard. Yes, Svalbard. Doesn't get more Nordic than that.

Tove Styrke – Borderline EP

tove styrke borderline ep

For those unfamiliar with Tove's music, she originally rose to fame as a contestant on Swedish Idol and then later produced a critically acclaimed album with writing credits from the likes of Lykke Li. The new EP from Tove Styrke is a bit of a departure from her previous work. A number of tracks have a reggae feel to them, which is quite different from her previous electro-pop efforts. With the Borderline EP, Tove Styrke proves to be an artist that is not afraid to change her sound. Her music is still decidedly Swedish with its catchy choruses and riffs, but seems to be aiming beyond the borders of Sweden in its soundscape, with influences of trap music creeping in near the end of ‘Borderline'.

Only time will tell whether the Borderline EP is the album that will help push Tove into international territories. Her recent gig at The Old Blue Last in London would indicate that she's making a conscious effort to cross over. I'd definitely recommend you give the EP a listen, there are some interesting songs included in the mix, that indiate the direction for her next full-length album.

Tove Styrke's Borderline EP is available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

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