Sustainable Eyewear from Monkeyglasses

November 17, 2014

Quick question. What do you do with your glasses once you're tired of them or they break? And do you think about where the plastic from your frames eventually end up? I came across an interesting new sustainable eyewear brand from Denmark that produces stylish biodegradable glasses and sunglasses for both men and women.

Sustainable Eyewear from Monkeyglasses

Monkeyglasses was created to combat the plastic waste created by fast fashion. The brand use a 90% cotton-based material rather than traditional plastic for their frames. I particularly like the Berlin frame, which has a very modern feel to it. The frames are priced around the €120 mark, which is less than what you'd pay for other branded sunglasses.

Berlin Frames from Monkeyglasses.

monkeyglasses berlin mirror blue


Help Save The Orangutan with Each Purchase

orangutan baby photo

In addition to supporting the environment by using biodegradable materials, Monkeyglasses also donate part of the proceeds from each pair of glasses to Save The Orangutan. You may have seen one of the documentaries made by the BBC about Danish wildlife conservationist, Lone Dröscher Nielsen's efforts in Borneo (Orangutan Diary & Saving Planet Earth). Save the Orangutan work to rehabilitate orangutans orphaned due to the massive levels of deforestation in Borneo. It's common procedure for producers of palm oil to burn down large sections of rain forest, to replace the land with palm oil farms. This results in many adult orangutans being killed for their land, leaving their infants abandoned. Orangutans, like humans, do not become independent until their teenage years. The limited work prospects in the area mean that many locals have no choice but to work for the plantations. Save the Orangutan help train local staff to care for the orphaned orangutans and educate local farmers about orangutan conservation. You can support Save the Orangutan by adopting an orangutan for as little as £3 per month.

Monkeyglasses are available to purchase online. They currently offer a 3 for the price of 2 promotion, as well as a try at home service. You can select up to 3 frames that will be shipped to your house to try on, you then simply return the pairs you do not wish to keep. Monkeyglasses also sell other accessories, including jewellery.
Photo by ahisgett

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