Pottery from Studio Arhoj

November 21, 2014
Studio Arhoj Sing

Studio Arhoj is a Danish pottery studio founded by Anders Arhøj in 2006. The studio was originally based in Tokyo, but has since moved to Copenhagen. Studio Arhoj's products combine clean Scandinavian design with Japanese-inspired crafts.

Their products use a variety of pastel colours for glazing, often showing the exposed clay underneath. What I like about Studio Arhoj, is that they create practical objects that display a strong level of personality and sense of fun. The Sing storage container series is a great example of this. They can be used to store pens and pencils and other small objects in the mouth of the “creature”. The drawn on eyes create an interesting expression and each unit seems to have a different personality.

Sing storage container by Studio Arhoj

Studio Arhoj Sing No Cork

I also like their mugs and piggy banks, that experiment with dripping the glaze down the edge of each unit. This method means that no two products are the same.

Drip Mug

Studio Arhoj Drip Mug


Studio Arhoj also produce a series of decorative figurines, in a similar style as the Sing storage container. These come in different shapes, sizes and glazes and all feature eyes drawn on by hand. I quite like the worried expression on these and they work well as a conversation starter in your home. Definitely one for the Christmas wish list.

Ghost and Lava People Figurines

Studio Arhoj Lava People

Studio Arhoj is stocked in the UK by Goodhood, who also sell the above products online. To find your nearest retailer, visit the Studio Arhoj website.

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