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Museum of Selfies – Art Project

November 12, 2014
museum of selfies

While perusing Tumblr, I came across an amusing new personal project by the Danish Art Director and marketer, Olivia Muus. Museum of Selfies seeks to promote museum going in a fun and humorous manner by creating a juxtaposed image. Classic paintings taking selfies.

The project has already picked up steam with many other Tumblr users joining in on the fun. The genius of the campaign is that it's a relatively easy task to get a shot of a hand holding a phone in front of a painting. Olivia's photos are playful and entertaining. Galleries are frequently dependent on visitor numbers to secure additional funding. Even if people decide to visit a gallery strictly to participate in the Museum of Selfies campaign, the practice will be beneficial to the gallery in the end through the increase exposure. You can see a few examples of Olivia's work below, more can be found on her Tumblr account.

By Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
By Deutsches Historisches Museum

If you decide to participate in the Museum of Selfies campaign, do remember to turn off your flash.