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November 21, 2014

New Single from Ji Nilsson – Heartbreakfree

ji nilsson heartbreakfree cover

Swedish indie-pop singer, Ji Nilsson, released her latest single a few months back. Heartbreakfree is a song that covers many familiar topics in pop music, mainly love and heartbreak. Ji Nilsson takes a different approach from the usual polar extremes of undying love and subsequent hate caused by relationships. Her stance in this song is to say that it's better to not go beyond friendship, as everything will inevitably end in heartbreak. There's also a subtle Spice Girls reference at one point in the song, which is always a good thing.

Recently, the song was featured quite heavily in the media as Gwen Stefani's new single has been accused of copying the style of the song. I don't quite agree with that comparison, the beat to both songs is an electro-pad noise, which seems to get used on every pop track at the moment. Heartbreakfree is a great song for the winter months and balances between being a ballad and being danceable. I think it stands out on its own accord without needing to be compared to other artists.

Give the song a listen in the video above. If you like it, you can purchase Heartbreakfree on Amazon or iTunes.

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