Listen to For BDK – What I Must Find

November 26, 2014

For BDK are a Swedish duo consisting of Marcus Borrman and Adele Kosman. The group produce rather haunting tracks and have a strong focus on developing an audiovisual experience.

for bdk what i must find

For BDK – For Body Drugs and Kicks

For BDK recently released their debut album titled For Body Drugs and Kicks on Warner Music Sweden. The album is not quite as accessible as What I Must Find, but still includes a few pop tracks. Generally, their songs are interesting and differ from a lot of the other artists out there. The band explore the themes of dreams and violence in equal measure. I wouldn't call the album a masterpiece – my favourite track by far is What I Must Find, which oddly enough didn't make it onto the album. However, the album is definitely worth a listen to. I think the band have a lot of potential to develop their sound and visuals in future, in a similar fashion to that of jj and The Knife.

For BDK will be supporting jj at their London gig on December 9th. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster. For BDK's new album is available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

What do you think of What I Must Find and of For BDK?

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