Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair 60th Anniversary Edition

November 24, 2014
Fritz Hansen Series 7 60th Anniversary Edition

Danish furniture design house, Fritz Hansen, announced a special edition re-release of Arne Jacobsen's iconic stackable Series 7 chair for the chair's 60th anniversary.

Fritz Hansen Release 60th Anniversary Edition Series 7 Chair

Fritz Hansen will be marking the anniversary of the chair by celebrating Arne Jacobsen's legacy. The 60th Anniversary Series 7 chair will be available in 2 opposing colours, to provide a contrast between the masculine and the feminine. The chair itself has seen no alteration to its shape or manufacturing process, owing to the Series 7 chair's timeless design. The 60th Anniversary Series 7 chair comes in a dark blue lacquer shell with powder-coated burnished legs and in a pale pink version with 24-karat gold-plated legs. Both versions feature a special-edition marked plate on the underside. The Series 7 Chair 60th Anniversary Edition will be available in 2015.

The Series 7 chair has become a popular choice for homes and public spaces worldwide over the past 60 years. Some of the Its simple and practical stackable frame has helped it become on of the 20th century's biggest design icons. The Series 7 chair has consistently ranked as Fritz Hansen's best-selling chair for decades. With the Series 7 chair, Arne Jacobsen introduced a new and innovative method to bend wood in three-dimensional shapes that has since been mimicked by high street retailers everywhere.

The Series 7 chair is just one of many famous designs that Arne Jacobsen produced during his lifetime. You may be familiar with the Egg and Swan chairs or his silverware for Georg Jensen. Arne Jacobsen was a design pioneer that was not afraid to introduce new manufacturing processes in order to bring his designs to life. The fact that the Series 7 chair is still seen as modern 60 years later, is something that can rarely be said about other designs from that period.

If you're interested in Arne Jacobsen's work, I recommend reading The Compact Design Series: Arne Jacobsen.

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